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I started working in the fitness industry many years ago

as an Exercise to Music teacher, taught by the YMCA near

London’s Oxford Street. I worked at a local and prestigious

health club, teaching and writing fitness programmes for many

people to get fit, lose weight or build up strength either for

their own personal reasons or to rebuild their body after injury

or operation.


Unfortunately, my time in the industry was cut

short when I was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE). I was confined to bed and home for almost a year before I was able to do something about it. I took many trips to the Lupus specialists in London and Atlanta in the USA, to find help with fixing my body and mind.


I discovered Pilates when my mother first trained to teach the method. She practiced on me and the first session I did lasted only 10 minutes before I had to stop due to pain in my joints and frustration that I could not work through it. This actually made me more determined and slowly but surely I became fitter and stronger.  I loved Pilates so much that after many failed attempts to find a career that suited my body physically, I decided to train with Body Control Pilates to become a teacher and qualified in September 2003.


Pilates is not easy to master, and I urge everyone to really understand what is involved before they start. Pilates is a commitment to change your life, body and mind for the better and forever. I know, because it changed mine.


I am recognised as a formally qualified Pilates matwork and reformer teacher with membership and insurance with the Fitness Professionals (Fitpro) having fully met the requirements of the UK national standard for Pilates.

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