Cranio-Sacral Therapy

Antonietta Quattrone

Cranio-Sacral Therapist (RCST)


I began as a Keep Fit Association Teacher and over the past 20 years have gained qualifications and experience as a personal instructor. Leading on to qualify and teach post natal exercise with the National Child Birth Trust and Pilates with Body Control Pilates training with Lynne Robinson, all which have led to the path I am on today, as a Cranio-Sacral Therapist.


I accidentally came across Cranio-Sacral Therapy to discover its benefits. It was not a therapy that I had heard of before then. I was amazed at how a very gentle touch by the therapist could have such a profound effect on me. It helped me immensely in coming to terms with issues I had held unresolved for years and were affecting my health. I researched as much as possible and the more I learnt the more fascinated I became and wanted to understand. This all led me to yet another Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology (APP) course with the College of Cranio-Sacral Therapy, followed by a two year Cranio-Sacral Therapy course (CST) with the principle Thomas Attlee to understand and learn as much as possible about how to provide effective and appropriate treatment for each individuals needs, be they physical or emotional (or both). As a fully qualified therapist I still continue furthering my development by attending seminars and courses.


I enjoy helping, meeting and communicating with people. I am patient, caring, understanding and non judgemental. I believe that each of us has the right to our own beliefs and views, as each has their unique imprint of life from birth. I believe that my position as a therapist is to help and be there for the patient, to listen, observe, monitor and evaluate, to be able to give an effective, appropriate treatment.

My passion and commitment is paramount in providing the highest standard of Cranio-Sacral Therapy, to help improve the health and well being of others.