Suzie's Story

Having been diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2008, I underwent a mastectomy and reconstruction and then followed by 7 months of chemotherapy.  Both surgery and chemotherapy left me with a loss of sense of balance, reduced physical strength, restriction in movement in my arms and stomach and a loss of self-confidence.  After I started Pilates with Amanda, my confidence increased both emotionally and physically.  My sense of balance has improved and movement has increased in the parts of my body where I had surgery.  Amanda took the time to carefully assess my body’s weaknesses and tailored a Pilates routine specifically to my needs.  With her encouragement and sensitive approach, I saw an improvement in my breathing techniques, core strength, muscle tone and flexibility.  After each session, I felt fit and energized and have more confidence in my body, and have been able to regain much of the physical fitness I had prior to my operation and treatment.

I cannot thank Amanda enough for what she has done for me.  I would whole-heartedly recommend her to anyone who is considering Pilates, whether they have had an illness or injury or not.  Her style of teaching and caring approach makes me look forward to each session.


Writen by, Suzie Fu

Southgate, London.